Friday 25 May 2018

Boat trips on Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol with glorious sunshine, 190 miles of beautiful coast and an amazing array of resorts and rental properties is still a firm favourite with travellers from around the world.
One of the most popular activities on Costa del Sol is a boat trip along the coast. There's nothing quite like heading out on the water, feeling the waves, and admiring the beautiful coast. A boat trip adds a different dimension to the holiday and will keep everyone fully entertained for a good few hours.
When you try to book a boat ride anywhere along the Costa del Sol you will be awash with offers. There is a wide range of types of boats available for charter, suitable for every need and price range.

1. Fishing boats

The fisherman looking to reel in the catch of the day will be impressed by fully equipped fishing boats

2. Watersports

Families and thrill-seekers will love exhilarating high-performance speedboats, ready to take on 360ยบ turns, as well as pull tubes, water skiers, and wake boarders.

3. Sailing boats

The sailing enthusiast will be wowed by a day out on a sailboat or sailing yacht, the gusting wind ensuring that everyone has a great time. 

4. Catamarans

Perhaps a catamaran will be exactly what you're looking for. Great for a day of relaxing and hops off for dips in the sea. The big catamarans are also popular for events and parties. And you might even spot some dolphins during the ride!

5. Luxury yachts

Finally, luxury yachts are also available. These impressive ships, housing a kitchen, dinning room, multiple cabins and bathrooms, and sometimes even a jacuzzi, are perfect for luxury getaways and weddings alike. With the possibility of catering available, there isn't really much you'll have to worry about.

Depending on the charter, different options can be included. Some will have drinks and snacks, while others can feature catering or a DJ. Some boat charters may also include a fuel allowance, but for some you will have to fill up the tank yourself.
All charter boats can be rented with or without crew members. If you chose to hire a charter with crew, they all have professional qualifications. Those who wish to hire a ship without crew must show a personal licence for the particular boat.  Whether you opt to rent with or without a crew, all boats are flagged and registered and you will be sure to have a wonderful experience. 
Boats are available for charter for a set number of hours or even for over night and multi-day tripsThere are quite a number of boat excursions that you can book while holidaying on Costa del Sol and depart from all of the major ports including Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Marbella. There are also a number of trips that commence in the Gibraltar and Tarifa areas of the coast.

If what you are looking for is a celebrity-style break, packed with luxury, designer shops and out of this world nightlife than your place is MarbellaThe night life in Puerto Banus is also as well known, and being the most important marina in the area, holds some of the most luxurious yachts in the world. 

But if what you are into is sandy, secluded beaches and understated luxury, then your spot is the super classy Sotogrande, where peace and quiet live together, with great sailing, polo games and lots of golf! Sotogrande is internationally renowned as Europe’s largest and most prestigious estate, offering over 20 kilometers of coastline with stunning views of Gibraltar and North Africa.

Once you've decided where you want to go and on which kind of tour, check out all the prices you can find online (it might be worth looking on TripAdvisor for reviews first) and then compare them to any you've been offered by tour guides or reps. Armed with the price knowledge you should be able to haggle a good price, particularly if there's a group of you. Before booking also check the basics, such as if transfers and refreshments are included, what happens if the trip is called off due to bad weather, and if the trip is covered by your holiday insurance.

Things to take with you and safety tips:

  • Wear a hat – You don’t want to get sunstroke do you?
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol – Say no more!
  • Take plenty of sun cream – This ain’t blighty! The sun will be hot!
  • Don’t fool about – Accidents can and will happen
  • Take a sick bag – Mainly for the kids
  • Drink plenty of water – Keep yourself and the children hydrated
  • Take your swimwear – You may stop for a dip!
  • Watch the children at all times – Better safe than sorry!
  • Don’t forget your camera – You want to catch all those great moments right?

Although these tips may seem pretty obvious to most people, you would be amazed at just how many holidaymakers end up either sunburnt, dehydrated or intoxicated. Use your head and you will enjoy the boat trip for all the right reasons.


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