Thursday 2 May 2019

Local Chiringuitos

Similar to Greek tavernas, Spanish chiringuitos are a unique feature of Spain’s Mediterranean coast, offering welcome shade, refreshingly cold drinks and wide choice of tapas and other food.

With the summer now firmly arrived in southern Spain, these beach bars – chiringuitos as they are known locally – are open up and down the Andalucian coast.

The word is said to come from the 19th century sugar cane fields of Cuba. Workers would take a coffee break filtering the thick black liquid through a sock so that a small stream of coffee, or chiringo, would fill their cup. Some enterprising souls eventually built makeshift coffee shacks which were dubbed chiringuitos, or to translate directly, little streams.

They come in all different shapes and sizes and you find them on every beach on Costa del Sol. Some of them are open seasonally serving just drinks others are open all year round with full restaurant facilities.

Today the chiringuito is an institution with people fiercely protective of their favourites, often picking the beach not for the beauty of the view but for the delicious offerings of its chiringuito.

Below you can find the list of our favourite cherenquitos in our neighbourhood:


Paseo Maritimo de Sabinillas

Open: from 10.30 am till 6 pm

Wide choice of food also for vegetarians. Located on the beach next to a big playground so it's a perfect spot for families with kids.


Playa de Cala Sardina. 

Open:  from 11 am

A spanish-italian restaurant with excellent food. Located on the beautiful beach of Torregardiaro with amazing views to Gibraltar and Africa.

3. LA SAL 

Casares beach.   

Open:  11.30 am  – 10.30 pm

La Sal has a great position on the coastline looking down towards Gibraltar. This year restaurant introduced new fabulous choice of fish dishes.


Urb. los Granados de la Duquesa

Open: open seasonally

Beautiful spot right on the beach.Not only Spanish but also Italian cuisine. It is well known to locals for its amazing food.


Playa la Rada Beach, Estepona

Open: open seasonally

Excellent location on Estepona promenade/beach, only few minutes walk from old town. There is a play area next to the restaurant so it's another great place for families with kids.

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