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The most beautiful andalucian village - Casares


Casares is a magical beautiful white village with whitewashed, sugar-cube houses climbing the steep mountain hill. It is located fifteen kilometres inland of Estepona, to the west of Marbella, in the Malaga province of Andalucí­a. Casares was built 4035 meters above sea level where the views are so breathtaking you will think you are looking at a postcard.


Casares occupies a distinguished place in the history of Andalucía
The history of Casares can be traced as far as 100.000 years back in time! Then the inhabitants, the Neanderthals lived in caves in the Sierra de la Utrera and lived from hunting and fishing. It was an excellent area with caves, natural water springs and a rich animal life.
The Neanderthals where later replaced by the Homo Sapiens about 6.000 years ago who lived in the large cave called  ”Cueva de Gran Duque”. They seem to have been dedicated to (except from hunting and acgriculture) ceramic production. They made pots, which were carefully decorated as well as bracelets and necklaces.
Later the inhabitants moved out of the caves and built huts and with time created small villages  ”villas”.

The Romans settled down and created the village Lacipo just outside the current village of Casares. They built roads and advanced water systems and minted their own coins, which could still be found in the ground in the area as soon as 10 years ago.

Julius Ceasar is said to have given name to the village Casares. And he was the one contructing the “Baños de la Hedionda” where he took baths to cure his psoriasis. Still people cover their bodies with the mud from the sulphur bath and claim to get better health from it.

After the Romans the the Moors came and settled down about 800 years ago and they were the ones building the large fortress still existing on the top of the village as well as the mere part of the original village.
The strategic positions and excellent views has made Casares impossible to conquered for several intents as for example the Napoleonic trops. It also was one of the last villages to be christened after the moors.


Beside ancient castle, several churches and chapels you can find in Casares many traditional tapas bars and quaint cafes, most of them in the Plaza de Espana. 

It's great just to walk around to take in the serenity of the place and the winding alleys between the immaculately kept houses.

Climb up past Arrabal via Puerta Calle to the Castle. There is a cemetery located within the grounds of the Castle which is unique because of it's circular shape. There are whitewashed niches and this is a good place to rest whilst taking in the beautiful views.

There are a number of signed walks just outside the village. Some lead to the top of nearby hills where to can get even better views of the white village. Walk the Sierra Cristilina for natural beauty or you can take the popular walk down the river valley to Manilva.

Casares with its dominating view is a magical place to visit, and offers those who stay an authentic andalusian experience.

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